FAQ - all you need to know

What is Sortifix?

Sortifix is a powerful tool used for sorting and filtering CVs based on keywords.

How does it work?

All you need to do is upload your CVs and search in the designed search bar for a specific word and you’ll get a result with all the CVs containing your variable.

How long does it take to scan a resume?

Median transaction time on our SaaS Service is about 1 second, to which you would add your network latency. However, by default our SaaS API allows you to batch process up to 10 concurrent requests.

What resume formats can the Sortifix resume parsing SaaS process?

Essentially any non-image resume and CV format, including all of the popular job board formats and social and professional networks.

Does the Sortifix resume parsing SaaS store my resumes?

No, the Sortifix resume analyzer SaaS does not store any resumes. All the analyze is done in-memory so there is never any data written to a file system or database.

Do I have to tell the analyzer what language a resume or CV is in?

No, the analyzer has auto language detection so you will never have to tell the analyzer what language a CV is written in.

How do I know what Membership Plan I have available in my SaaS account?

You can check your remaining SaaS membership subscription plan by looking at My Account.

Why do I not see the Scan CV page?

You don’t have a paid account. Select one of our packages and you’ll get the full features of the platform.