Biting the budget bullet – cost efficiencies

When running a business, the budget is absolutely essential. But working with a budget is a very complex mission. Any entrepreneur has to pay great attention to the way the money is managed. A business involves plenty of costs and being as efficient as possible is definitely a target for every good entrepreneur. 

Even when it comes to hiring new people, there are costs involved and in order for everything to run smoothly, it is very important to hire in an efficient manner. The classical way of hiring can be very expensive, as it involves many human resources and plenty of hours involved in the recruitment process. But by using data driven hiring, everything can be more cost efficient. 

How data driven hiring can increase cost efficiency 

Using the classical ways of hiring new people can turn out to be a safe way of recruiting. There are methods that have been successfully used for years. Some might say why fix it if it is not broken? But in any business, evolution and inovation are things that have to be considered in order for everything to become faster, better and more efficient. Recruiting has come a long way from how it used to be done even ten years ago and nowadays the data driven hiring processes are getting more and more popular.

By using data driven hiring, recruitment gets done faster and in a more efficient manner when it comes to costs as well. By using a specialized hiring tool, your company will win a lot of precious time and, believe it or not, time does mean money! Here is how this kind of tool can help you:

  • Less work for humans – by using an automated tool, the recruiter has basically a ton of work less to do. This tool can help you and your HR employees save hours during a day, as it can analyze dozens of CVs in a matter of minutes. No more going through a huge amount of pages sent by multiple candidates, no more sorting CVs and going through them all over again. Everything that the recruiter needs to do is upload the candidates’ CVs, select the relevant keywords and then wait just for a couple of minutes before being able to identify all of the relevant CVs from dozens of options! The classical way would involve reading the CVs over and over again before filtering them and reducing the number to just a few relevant ones. That takes a lot of time and effort from a lot of HR specialists.
  • Less humans for work – another big advantage that this kind of tool can provide you with, from a business point of view, is that you will need less people to do a job. Since the tool helps speeding up the process so much, the need for many recruitment specialists will not exist anymore. That is how costs will be reduced. Less people working less hours means less money to be paid for you. 

This is how a data driven hiring tool, such as Sortifix, can help your business save a lot of money. Besides that and besides speeding up the hiring process in ways that will impress you, this tool will also help you avoid human error. So you can see it as a long-term investment, because the tool will help you avoid missing great candidates. The human eye is error prone and great candidates can be easily missed when going through dozens of CVs. But with a data driven tool, you can be sure that you will find exactly what you want. Better candidates mean better employees. And the better the employees, the greater the results. So, in the long run, you will see a dramatic imrpovement on your budget. All you need is inspiration and a mind open to new, inovative hiring tools. 

Using search and analytics to identify a specialist

Recruiting can be a challenging process no matter how experienced the recruiter is. Identifying the right candidates is always a difficult task even for the most basic jobs that there are. Finding the perfect mix between hard skills and soft skills is a process that requires a lot of effort and care. Every detail matters when you are looking for a good candidate and things can get a lot more difficult when the aim is to identify a specialist. 

That is why the automation of the recruitment process is a phenomenon that has already attracted a lot of interest from big companies. Without the help of specialized tools, important details can be neglected. Human error is something that is unavoidable in any domain of activity. It is important to help human recruiters with as many specialized tools as possible. Here is how using search and analytics will help your company get in touch with the best possible specialists for any important role.

How search and analytics can help you find a skilled specialist



When looking for a specialist, every company has to pay great attention to the hard skills of each candidate. Of course, soft skills are very important as well. You need to identify that candidate that will stick to the deadlines, turn out to be a good team player, and bring great professionalism around everything that they do. Soft skills are essential for any kind of job, but when you want to find a great specialist, hard skills are the ones that matter the most. If you need a great programmer, it is very important to select a candidate that has great C++, Java, or Python skills. And how can you make sure that you never miss a good one?

Once you post a job announcement, a lot of candidates will start sending you their CVs. Managing tens or maybe hundreds of applications can be very difficult for a recruiter, no matter how experienced they are. That is why a recruiting strategy has to be put in place and involving specialized tools can come in very handy. Before starting to look into all of the CVs that you receive, it is essential to decide on the skills that you want to identify in the perfect candidate. Since the main focus when it comes to a specialist are the hard skills, it is very clear how specific keywords can be used in order to separate the most relevant CVs from those that you are not interested in.

But looking for specific keywords can be a difficult task if you rely on the human eye. When dealing with many CVs, any recruiter can get tired and start missing important information. So why not use search and analytics? A tool such as the services provided by Sortifix will help you identify the candidates who mentioned in their CVs exactly the skills that you are looking for. The tool will only take a few seconds to find any keyword that you want to search for and will never miss an important CV! 

That is how specialized tools can help any company to never miss great candidates. The human eye can get tired and can sometimes miss important details, but a tool that will find keywords within seconds will not allow you to lose great human resources. These kinds of tools are fast, secure, and easy to use. They can be a great help for any recruiter and they are proof that digitalization is the future of HR. Using search and analytics improves the work of the recruiters, but also the efficiency of any company.

Speed up your time to hire

Recruiting new people for your company is a process that can get to be quite demanding. Even one job announcement can turn out to work like a magnet for tens, maybe hundreds of CVs.  And, naturally, not every candidate is a good fit. Getting to separate the right ones from those that you do not want to select can be a time-consuming process. And you need to remember that this is only one small part of the entire hiring process. That is why a recruitment specialist’s job is such a difficult and complex one. 

Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of options to ensure that the hiring process is running smoothly and quickly. The first measure that a company needs to take in order to speed up the hiring process is improving the CV analysis process. Reading all of the CVs and selecting the relevant ones is very difficult and error-prone, that is why using specialized software and services is such an important part of a quick and safe hiring process. Here is how this type of services work and how they can help you speed up your time to hire. 

Speed up your time to hire and avoid human error

The automation of some parts of the recruitment process is an extremely important step that your company has to make in order to get the best candidates for a job in a fast manner. Once you post a job announcement and the applications start to roll in, the number of CVs that you receive can get quite impressive. And if that is flattering for your company, on one hand, it can be a horrific mission for the recruitment specialist. By having to manually go through all of the applications and read them, a lot of effort and time are wasted. Also, the process gets exposed to human errors and good, fit candidates could easily be overlooked. 

But the good news is that this process can be improved a lot by using a service such as Sortifix. By using Sortifix, your company can save the recruitment specialists a lot of time and energy. This tool allows you to upload all of the CVs that you receive for a job and search specific keywords into all of them. The great advantage of using this kind of tool is that it is designed in order not to miss anything. So, for example, if you are looking for ”customer support experience”, the software will identify every CV mentioning these words. It cannot miss out on any of them. And it will all happen in a matter of seconds. 

By using Sortifix, you can upload any non-image resume and CV format and have them analyzed. Even if you are using Facebook Jobs or LinkedIn for recruiting, you can still use Sortifix and its SaaS analyzer. Also, it is very important to know that this kind of tool does not store your CVs and can identify automatically the language that a CV is written in. Basically, everything that you need to do is upload the CVs that you need analyzed and look for the keywords that you are interested in. The SaaS analyzer will identify all of the relevant CVs and you can then focus on those or even tighten the criteria by using more and more specific keywords. 


For a recruiting specialist, this kind of help is essential in order to avoid wasting time or missing out on good candidates. Such a specialized tool can help a recruitment specialist and, on a larger scale, the whole company, win precious hours or even days. Not only will it help your company, but it will also make the recruiter’s life easier. 


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